May 21, 2020

Hello, we're Solely Marketing...

A long, long time ago in a galaxy not too far away, there was this kid. Now this kid was more of a sports-guy coming out of college but that, unfortunately, didn't materialise into anything. Feeling lost and jumping from "career" to "career", he was struggling to find anything worthwhile.

Second to sports, he had a love of computers. This interest was mostly helping friends and family with Microsoft Word problems more often than not, but soon turned into designing a few websites. Which then evolved into helping people with Google, and then social media and before he knew it, was delving into marketing as a whole.

Trying to figure out what it was, how it worked and who it could work for, mostly because of an intrigued interest but partly as it was time to get a job and pay his own bills, he started his journey with a local digital marketing agency.

This interest of his slowly developed into more of a passion and where his 9-5 work was mandatory, his 5-9 work was where his knowledge grew.

Moving between a few marketing agencies he settled into more of a self-employed, freelance role where he really figured out where his passion lay: supporting small business owners who are frustrated with not seeing any results from their marketing, help clear confusion and, in turn, generate them leads.

SPOILER ALERT! This kid is me, Corey, Owner of Solely Marketing.

Now, jump forward a few years, and I'd like to welcome you to the very first blog post for Solely Marketing.

Over the last 12 years I have worked with numerous marketing agencies, 100's of businesses (large and small) and spent countless hours honing my craft. I've worked with the likes of the Principality Stadium and Maserati to name a few large businesses, but nothing brings me more joy in working with a small business owner and helping them achieve their goals, as it seems to mean so much more to them.

And that is the exact reason I have to set up Solely.

There are umpteen marketing agencies who say they work with small businesses, and they very well may do, but I've seen it too many times where if a big shark comes along, the little fish get pushed to the side. But that won't be happening here.

My aim is to create change. Change the way small business owners approach their marketing. Change the way they see their business.

So, that's why, from today, the lost kid at the beginning of the story who 12 years ago had just started out on his marketing journey is announcing we're here for you. You and your small business.

Here's to many more blog posts,


P.S. If you are a small business owner and tired of wasting money on online courses or finding it difficult to identify the right things to do to grow your business, check out Making Marketing Easy, a marketing hub for small business owners I've just launched.